Raffael Vogler - Freelancing Data Scientist

joy of data

analysis of data / visualizations / implementation of processes
for development and improvement of your business and your product


APIs and Processes

Beautiful Visualizations

Animations and Networks

D3.js and Geographical Data

  • Forecasting of Time Series Data (f.x. Web Statistics) and Detection of Anomalies
  • Automated Detection of Fraudulent Behaviour
  • Implementation of ETL (Extract Transform Load) Processes for efficient Data Warehousing
  • Beautiful Data Visualizations for Marketing Purposes
  • Sentiment Analysis of Reviews, Tweets ... so you know if your customers are happy
  • Classification of User Profiles
  • Interactive Data Visualization Tools for Exploration of non-trivial Connections and Insights
  • Not in the list? You're welcome to contact me!

My areas of expertise cover:

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Business Intelligence
  • Forecasting

My tools are primarily:

  • R
  • Python
  • JavaScript (HTML …)
  • some Haskell
  • Linux / Ubuntu / Bash
  • Git

Statistics and Analysis

Philosophical Digression

Machine Learning

Business Intelligence

I studied math (BA) in Mainz and Berlin and have been working since as a software developer and Data Analyst / Engineer / Consultant / Scientist (whatever you prefer to call it) for various companies and customers in Berlin and Munich. Those employments allowed me to work with various tools and technologies - ranging from Pentaho products for ETL and Warehousing over Excel and Powerpivot for Reporting purposes to R for Machine Learning and JavaScript for Data Visualization.

Extract, Transform, Load

3D Visualizations

Text Mining

Interactive Data Apps